Server Room Air Conditioning

Server room air conditioning issues

Typically a server room would need to be maintained at 22°C and between 40-60% relative humidity.

  • If you are going to install a wall-mounted split system then this will involve installing a fan unit in the room to be cooled and an external unit on an outside wall. Most regions in the UK do not require you to obtain planning permission for this type of installation but some do. You will need to check with your local council if you are unsure
  • Always try to install the inside fan unit of a split system on an external wall as it removes the need to run piping along walls and can make condensate removal much easier as a condensate pump may not be required - a gravity drain can be used instead.
  • If the air conditioner goes down for any reason it could mean that the server stops working and therefore your company too. As it is such a vital piece of equipment many companies install a back-up system in case of emergencies.
  • Always oversize an air conditioning system as computer hardware is often upgraded and added to in server rooms. An increase in the heat gain may overload the air conditioner during very hot weather. This is also the time when air conditioning companies are at their busiest and response times may be longer than normal causing major disruptions to your business' IT.
  • Always remember to get your air conditioner serviced every six months in order to maintain efficiency and prolong product life.
  • When positioning your unit remember you will need to access it when servicing takes place.
  • Air conditioning will dry an atmosphere. Always maintain a
  • humidity of above 40% relative humidity in a server room otherwise static electrical build-up could damage sensitive electrical equipment.


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